Covid-19:- 775 deaths, 24506 cases-India

The number of Coronavirus cases in India has reached to 24506 with 1429 new cases in last 24 hours among which 18668  are active and 5063 have recovered and 775 deaths. Maharashtra leads the tally with 6817 positive cases, 5676 active, 840 recovery and 301 deaths followed by Gujrat with 2815 positive cases, 2423 active, 265  recoveredand 127 deaths. Jammu and Kashmir has 454 positive cases with 340 active, 109 recovered and 6 deaths.

Quarantine and Isolation; the difference

1) There is a huge difference between Quarantine and Isolation !
2) Quarantine is for those who are suspected to go have come in contact with a COVID patient and are put up in a facility for 14 days !
3) Isolation is for those who are infected with COVID and need to be treated and isolated from rest of the population until they recover !
4) Quarantine doesn't require the person to have any symptoms of COVID ! History of travel is enough !
5) People can be quarantined together in a facility maintaining 6 feet gap from each other, wearing a face mask , hand washing regularly or using a sanitizer ! They need to watch out for symptoms of COVID like fever, cough, breathlessness, fatigue, loose motions, headache ! Once they have any of the above symptoms they need to be tested and if positive they will need to be isolated and treated !
6) The quarantine facility must maintain highest degree of sanitation, social distancing of 6 feet , proper cross ventilation, nutritious food and cleanliness !


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Covid-19:- 775 deaths, 24506 cases-India