Quarantine and Isolation; the difference

1) There is a huge difference between Quarantine and Isolation !
2) Quarantine is for those who are suspected to go have come in contact with a COVID patient and are put up in a facility for 14 days !
3) Isolation is for those who are infected with COVID and need to be treated and isolated from rest of the population until they recover !
4) Quarantine doesn't require the person to have any symptoms of COVID ! History of travel is enough !
5) People can be quarantined together in a facility maintaining 6 feet gap from each other, wearing a face mask , hand washing regularly or using a sanitizer ! They need to watch out for symptoms of COVID like fever, cough, breathlessness, fatigue, loose motions, headache ! Once they have any of the above symptoms they need to be tested and if positive they will need to be isolated and treated !
6) The quarantine facility must maintain highest degree of sanitation, social distancing of 6 feet , proper cross ventilation, nutritious food and cleanliness !


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